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10 Year Term Life Insurance


Ideal for young families on tight budgets with high insurance needs

The Gerber Life 10-Year Term plan gives adults ages 18 to 59 a budget-minded way to help ensure their families can cover basic expenses if they are not there to provide for them. With policies ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 cash benefit, it offers more peace of mind knowing that dependent family members won’t be financially stranded in their time of need.

Guaranteed rates—no increases—for a full 10 years

The 10-Year Term plan is coverage no family should be without. And, with fixed rates that are guaranteed not to increase for 10 years, there are no surprises. Unlike many types of coverage that raise rates each year, with Gerber Life, you are assured you will pay the same budget-friendly premiums for the full 10 years you own the policy.

Coverage that can adapt as your needs change

After 10 years, you can choose to renew your policy at the premium for your age at that time. You can continue to renew every 10 years—without a physical—until age 75. Or, if you prefer, convert your coverage to a Whole Life policy until age 70, without a medical exam. The options are yours—guaranteed—regardless of your health.


Remember, it costs nothing to apply and you have 30 days to review the policy. Once your first premium is received your coverage takes effect.

Gerber Life 10-year term life insurance policy is not available in Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec and Yukon. EXCLUSION & LIMITATION: In the event of suicide during the first two years, benefits are limited to the amount of premiums paid.

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