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About the Guaranteed Life Burial Expense Plan Answers to frequently asked questions

Q. What kind of insurance is this?

A. Whole Life, cash value insurance for people age 50 to 75.

Q. Is there any red tape in getting this insurance?

A. None at all. There’s no medical exam—no embarrassing health questions to answer. Just complete the brief application and drop it in the mail. Your acceptance is guaranteed.

Q. Must I send money when I apply?

A. No. You send no money until you get your policy and read it over. To put your insurance in force, mail your first premium within 30 days.

Q. Can Gerber Life ever cancel my policy?

A. Absolutely not. The Burial Expense Plan is a permanent lifetime protection. As long as premiums are paid, it cannot be canceled because of age, health or for any other reason.

Q. Do I pay more as I grow older?

A. No. The rate you start with is the rate you stay with. It can never go up.

Q. Does the benefit amount go down as my age goes up?

A. No. After the first two years, it stays the same no matter how old you may become.

Q. Are the policy’s cash benefits tax-free?

A. Life insurance benefits paid to a named beneficiary are not subject to income tax under current Canadian law.

Q. How can the cash benefits be used?

A. They can help pay for burial costs, medical bills, any leftover debts or final expenses… whatever is needed most.

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Remember, it costs nothing to apply and you have 30 days to review the policy before the first premium is due!

Gerber Life’s Guaranteed Life Burial insurance policy is not available in Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec and Yukon.

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