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Address Change - The following form can be used to change the address of record on your Gerber Life Insurance Policy. You will be provided a pre-filled PDF application to print, sign, and mail to Gerber Life at the address specified.

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Gerber Life policyholder Gerber Life eService website

Gerber Life Insurance Company is pleased to invite you to enroll in Gerber Life eService, available on our website

Through policyholder self-service, you have the opportunity to review and make specific changes to your policy at any time; from any location with an internet connection.

Information and policy changes available:

  • Automatic Payment Enrollment (Credit Card or Bank Account)
  • Address Change
  • Beneficiary Change
  • Policy Change
    • Legal Name Change
    • Incorrect Spelling and/or Age

Enrollment: Gerber Life eService is voluntary and optional; you may discontinue your enrollment at any time. Upon request, you may continue to have your policy serviced via paper or telephony communication while enrolled for policyholder self-service.

Security: Gerber Life Insurance Company follows reasonable precautions to safeguard the confidentiality of electronic communications and information relating to your policy.

We are not responsible for unauthorized access to non-Gerber Life systems, nor are we responsible for damages of any type caused by unauthorized access.

Computer storage and printing:While using Gerber Life eService, you will have the ability to store and print policy change requests as well as the Gerber Life receipt of the change requests successfully submitted.

Paper copies:You may request a paper copy of your Gerber Life eService transaction directly from Gerber Life Insurance Company, by contacting us at 1-800-518-8884.

System requirements: To participate in Gerber Life Gerber Life eService on the internet, you will need a computer with a web browser that supports at least 128 bit encryption. You must also have ability to receive and read e-mail as well as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments.

Update contact information: You may update your contact information:

  • via telephone: 1-800-518-8884, or
  • via mail addressed to: Gerber Life Insurance Company, P.O. Box 22265, Stn BRM B, Toronto, ON M7Y 4A1.

Electronic payments: By submitting necessary enrollment information through Gerber Life eService, you are indicating that you would like to view your Gerber Life Insurance bills online. When you complete the necessary banking information section of the registration, you will have the opportunity to remit online payments using electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings account, or by credit card. You will only be able to remit payments for Gerber Life Insurance Company products which are drawn on a U.S. Bank. As part of registration, you will receive your bills exclusively online. Gerber Life reserves the right to change this service in regards to receiving paper invoices. By enrolling, you will receive email notification when a new invoice is available online for your review and remittance. You may cancel electronic payments at any time.

Corrections: When you request Gerber Life to make changes to your policy through Gerber Life eService, you will be given the opportunity to review all changes and to make any corrections before final submission.

Your agreement: By enrolling in Gerber Life eService:

  • you acknowledge receipt of this notice concerning the operation of Gerber Life eService, and
  • you consent to receive and send information electronically regarding your policy and to effect changes to your policy, and
  • you agree enrollment and participation is voluntary, and may be cancelled at any time
  • you acknowledge that your action requesting policy changes constitutes your signature and agreement to those changes.

Cancellation: You may cancel your enrollment in Gerber Life eService at any time:

  • by telephone at 1-800-518-8884, or
  • by writing us at Gerber Life Insurance Company, P.O. Box 22265, Stn BRM B, Toronto, ON M7Y 4A1, or

Note: cancelling policyholder self-service on the internet may result in unavoidable processing delays of your account changes and payment submissions

Questions? Call our toll-free number: 1-800-518-8884, Monday - Friday, 8 am to 8 pm (ET)

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